Today : 29 February 2024
YJS series COMPACT medium-voltage motors
YJS series COMPACT medium-voltage motors


These electric motors are of asynchronous induction type, which is produced in powers of 220 to 1600 kilowatts. These electric motors can be used to drive all kinds of general-purpose machines such as compressors, ventilators, and water pumps on a large scale, and etc.


YJS series electric motors are squirrel cage, asynchronous, three-phase with 50 Hz frequency, IP55 degree of protection, and cooling method is IC411/IC416. The type of installation is not limited and can be changed according to the customer's order. The voltage level is 6000 volts, the working condition is S1, the insulation class is F and the thermal class is B. Various sensors can be installed on the electric motor according to the customer's order and request.